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Agreement on personal data processing

According to Federal law No. 152-FZ of 27.07.2006 "On personal data", I give my consent to "Ivastroy, LLC", 141400, Moscow region, city of Khimki, Mezhdunarodny block, Pokrovskaya street, bld. 1, premises 301, room No. 12 (hereinafter called as "Operator") for processing of my personal data given by me to Operator in the form of feedback application in Operator's website, namely, for selection, systematization, accumulation, storage, more precise definition (updating, change), use, distribution (including transfer), depersonalizing, blocking, deletion of personal data in order to inform me about Operator's goods and services , to conclude and execute a sale agreement concerning an object of real estate, and to get any other information of commercial and informational character (including special offers and actions of Operator) through different communication channels including post, e-mail, SMS, telephone. The list of my personal data given to Operator through feedback application form in Operator's website is as follows: surname, name, residential and/or mobile phone number, electronic address (e-mail), and also the other data given by me to Operator at my own discretion.

I agree that Operator will give me information by mail, e-mail, telephone calls, SMS, depending on communication way and information transfer proposed by me. This consent may be revoked by me at any moment by written notification sent by me to Operator's address. My personal data given to Operator via feedback application form should be deleted or depersonalized after processing purposes are realized or in case of the loss of necessity in such purposes realization.